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Subject: Doin Paul (3)This is a fiction story Of this gut I had the pleasure to work with. Short
Hot and hairy. This story of course by all means does not suggest that he
could be coaked into Gay sex. Nor question his sexual prefernce. But one
could always Hope..+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Doin PAUL…
Part 3
well it was no more than a few moments after Chelsea had left then Paul
turned around in his chair and spread his legs. I glanced over at him and
his shorts were pulled up more again. His great legs were before me and I
had to turn away. Biut just as I was goin to, Paul reached down between his
legs and groped himself. His hand pulled on his package. But it wasnt a
normal grope, lick when your balls itch and you Preteen Porn Pics
have to tugg on them to
adjust. Paul was actually rubbing his cock through his shorts. And he
continued to do so for several moments. I couldnt help but look over and
watch him grip at his balls and cock.”Gotta problem there buddy” I had to say. As I was starting to get a bit
uncomfortable with his actions.”Yeah” He replied”My dick needs Preteen Porn Pics
a hot mouth on it”He galred at me when he said it.”Now that she is gone, why dont you come over her and suck my dick faggot”I tried to look insulted by Preteen Porn Pics his comment, But my dick kept throbbing in my
pants, and i wanted him so badly.I jumped off my chair and crawled over to Paul. I grabbed his thighs when i
was on him and pulled them apart. My hand went for the bulge in his
shorts. I rubbed his cock now. I had been wanting to get at him since I
first saw him. And now here i was with this hot little fuck.Paul smiled at me.”Go on man. Go down on my cock dude” He SaidI reached up for his belt and ubdid the thing to get his shorts loosened. I
pulled down his zipper and started to yank down his shorts. He had on a
pair of boxers underneath, He lifted his ass to help me get his shorts
down. I saw more of his hott hairy thighs.”WOW” was all i said.I could see his cock head tenting the boxers he wore. I reached for the
covered cock and pulled on it. He was starting to get hard under my hand. I
bent over and placed my mouth over his cock and started to chew on his
cock. I could feel the heat of his dick eminating from his loins. I chewed
on his cock through the boxers now. Paul started to lightly moan.”Mmmmnnn, Oooh yeah man”I rubbed at his hairy thighs as I sucked his cock through the confining
shorts. They felt incredible. My fingers ran through the gorgeous fur on
his legs. Moving down to his calves and back up past his knees onto his
meaty thighs, and further. I reached up under the leg of his shorts to grab
at his balls. Again Paul moaned.”Take em’ out and lick my balls man. get em’ stratin to churn that batter”I complied with his request. I lowered my face to his crotch and licked and
chewed his nuts through the material. They didnt feel big, but a ball sack
is a ball sack. And his smelled awesome.”Get up and drop these things man” I askedPaul then stood. His cock was definitely tenting the boxers. I took a quite
grope of his cock through them. Before He pulled them down and dropped the
shorts to the floor. His solid 6 and 1/2 incher was before me. it was
fairly thick and he had a nice set of balls below the rigid cock above. I
crawled back before him. got on my knees and took his cock back into my
mouth. I swallowed his cock down to those fuzz covered nuts. Paul grabbed
at my head and heaved his cock forward to thrust it in my mouth nice and
deep”Shiiiiit thats good man” He exclaimed” So good to have yer gay lips wrapped around my fuck pole man. Now get it
all nice and we for me”"Mmmhhnn hmmm” I mumbled over his cock.Then I pulled of his dick. I grabbed it in my hand and pulled it up. I
looked up to see Paul had removed his shirt. I stopped all i was doin
because he had taken off his shirt. His chest was gorgeous. It was covered
in a dark luxurious fur. And the way it grew out made his chest look meaty
and hot. I Preteen Porn Pics reached up and ran my fingers through the beautiful fur.I was in heaven……+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
To be continued
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